EPRUMA welcomes the EFSA/ECDC report on AMR and re-emphasises its commitment to responsible use

  • February 12, 2016
  • EPRUMA welcomes the EFSA/ECDC report on antimicrobial resistance and re-emphasises its commitment to the responsible use of veterinary medicines

    Brussels, 12 February 2016 – EPRUMA  is happy to note that the trend analyses observed in the latest joint EFSA/ECDC EU-wide report on antimicrobial resistance show that in several Member States efforts to stabilise and reduce absolute levels of resistance are delivering. EPRUMA partners’ firm commitment to the responsible use of veterinary medicines, including antibiotics, is making a difference on the ground.

    According to EPRUMA, responsible use is based on a holistic approach of minimising disease through a wide choice of tools such as biosecurity, good housing and ventilation, good hygiene, appropriate nutrition and robust animals, regular monitoring of animal health and welfare, animal health planning, use of diagnostics, vaccination and using and maintaining the pharmacovigilance system when necessary, as well as the use of veterinary medicines, as required by law.

    EPRUMA firmly supports the principle of transparency, e.g. data-collection on use and monitoring resistance to further prioritise actions and maximise their impact on the leading parameter, antibiotic resistance level. EPRUMA seeks to ensure that antibiotics are used responsibly: under veterinary care, according to licensing conditions, and with diagnostics guiding the antibiotic choice as much as possible.

    Antibiotics should be used responsibly both in human and animal health, for a truly One-Health perspective. EPRUMA advocates that antibiotics should be used ‘As little as possible, as much as necessary’ and recently published an updated version of its ‘Best-practice framework for the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals’ providing recommendations to ensure good animal health and welfare. This is available on www.epruma.eu.

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